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Release NetSupport School versie 14.00.0000! Product release
Dinsdag 28 Januari 2020, 12:12u
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

Let op! Nederlandstalige versie nog niet vrijgegeven.
NetSupport School 14.00.0000 is now released as is available for download from our websites. This version of NetSupport School is a chargeable update and requires a new version 14.00 license key.

What is new

  • (EN8536) Added "Easy Mode" allowing teachers to only see and use the core tools needed to maintain control over the class.
  • (EN8538) New Student feedback and wellbeing mode added to capture how students feel and what level of understanding they have on a class topic.
  • (EN8571) Reduced network traffic by improving student thumbnail updates.

Fixes in this release

  • (IN61192) Added ADM/ADMX policy setting to avoid possible conflict with Microsoft Remote Assistance (MSRA.exe).
  • (IN39857) Resolved issue with students moving in layouts when their IP Address changes.
  • (IN61599) Fixed incorrect French translation for Student
  • (IN61371) Corrected the translation of "Deploy" in French.
  • (IN61600) Corrected the French translation for Add.
  • (IN61411) Corrected the translation in Serbian for "Name & Connectivity Server".
  • (IN61330) Updated the ADM templates for the ability to launch the Tutor in the new Advanced, Intermediate or Focused modes.
  • (IN61598) Correction made to the whiteboard message in French, which now references "Afficher" to show the whiteboard to students.
  • (IN61722) Resolved issue where survey mode question/answer would not display to a logged off Student.
  • (IN61840) Fixed Tutor crash which could occur when resolving Student connections.
  • (IN62111) The Tech Console now remembers the order of the rooms if using "Group by room".
Download de laatste versie
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