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NetSupport Manager versie 12.70.0004 ge-released
Dinsdag 16 April 2019, 11:33u
NetSupport Manager versie 12.70.0004 is vrijgegeven en beschikbaar voor download.
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

NetSupport Manager version 12.70.0004 is available in the below language variants:

English, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.

This version of NetSupport Manager 12.70.0004 is a chargeable update and requires a new version 12.70 license key.

Please find details on the recent changes included in this new version of NetSupport Manager 12.70.0004

Please find details on the recent changes included in this new version of NetSupport Manager 12.70.0004:
What is new
  • Added ADMX template setting to control the display of the NetSupport welcome dialog when starting the Manager Control.
  • Updated ADMX Templates to allow Font Smoothing and LV Shadow options to be set by group policy.
What is fixed
  • Resolved Deploy crashing when opening when a Blank domain name is returned in the list of networks to deploy too.
  • Update ADMX templates to allow switching of keyboard drivers to aid diagnosis of potential blue screens when docking and undocking laptops.
  • Updated Client Only installer to include PCIConn.exe which allows connection to control via command line.
  • Fixed crash in Script editor and script agent.
  • Fixed issue with client log file not displaying when controls have disconnected.
  • Resolved View issue where view window would display black screen on opening.
  • Fixed an occasional blue screen at client machines when docking or un-docking a laptop from a base station.
  • Resolved an issue in NetSupport Manager Control where Clients with duplicate IP Address where not connectable via the Gateway.
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